We also carry a full line of clothing for all seasons, from dresses, sweaters, coats, hooded sweatshirts, to rain coats. (As well as Halloween costumes).

Fashion Accessories

Accessorize your pet with glittery charms and all season barrettes.

Assorted Dog Toys

From baby soft snuggly blankets for puppies to more durable toys for the aggressive and persistent chewers.

Lupine Collars, Leads & Harnesses

The only company that guarantees its collars and leads for life - even if chewed.

Matching Collars and Leads - Available in assorted patterns which we offer in 3 sizes:

  • ½” - patterns for puppies and small dogs
  • ¾” - patterns for the widest range of dogs
  • 1” - patterns for medium and larger dogs

Harnesses - Available in assorted patterns which we offer in 3 sizes:

  • ½” - patterns for puppies and small dogs
  • ¾” - patterns for the widest range of dogs
  • 1” - patterns for medium and larger dogs

TropiClean & Spa Lavish Pet Collection

You pamper yourself…why not your best friend?

Spa collection is formulated with the finest botanical plant and flower extracts.

  • Fresh Bath Shampoo – Dead skin cells are washed away and your pet’s coat will immediately be naturally radiant, nourished and healthier.
  • Comfort Bath Shampoo – Lavendar and oatmeal are combined to soothe irritated skin and to calm the soul, keeping your pet clean and comfortable.
  • Renew Bath Shampoo – Nourishing and restoring damaged hair with a gentle cocoa derived cleanser with botanical emollients, ginger root and pink grapefruit help to leave the hair shiny, manageable and clean.
  • Nourish Vitamin Conditioner – Contains white ginger, botanical moisturizers and warm vanilla to help repair your pet’s dry, damaged hair. Anti-static agents calm hair while botanical emollients strengthen the coat.
  • Fresh Bubble Bath – A revitalizing paw treatment soothes the paws and leaves your pet feeling refreshed.
  • Fresh Facial Scrub – A facial cleanser with a blend of vanilla and blueberry, effectively removing dirt and tear stains, while not stinging your pet’s eyes.
  • Pamper Me Fresh Colognes (with UV protector)
    Fresh – white tea and vanilla - nourish and re-hydrate
    Comfort – lavender and oatmeal - calm and soothe
    Renew – ginger root and grapefruit - help to revitalize brilliance


LP3 enzyme system for chronic ear, skin, and oral conditions for your best furry friend.

  • Shampoo & Conditioner - For itchy inflamed skin.
  • Topical Spray & Cream - The best way to manage hot spots and other skin infections.
  • Brushless Enzymatic Oral Care Therapy - Offers a superior oral protection against bad breath, plaque and periodontal disease.
  • Enzymatic Ear Solution - A highly effective product in aiding in the treatment of bacterial, fungal and yeast infections.